​We want to use only the best quality Hair Extensions. We exclusively use Dream Catcher's Hair Extensions. 

Why use Hair Extensions?

The most popular reason is to add more hair to the head giving the person more volume.Volume can be added all over the head as well as in specific areas or “thin spots”.


Is also extremely popular and probably the first thing people think of when they hear “extensions”. This adds length as well as volume to the persons style.

Several colors may be used in the extension service to make the hair appear highlighted or low lighted . This service is terrific for people who are allergic to hair color but want a multi-tonal result.

Fashion Streaks
Adding a few select streaks of color for fashion purposes. These can be any of the regular or “natural” shades or they can be bold and “unnatural” shades such as pink, purple, blue, red etc.

What Exactly are Dream Catcher's Hair Extensions?

Dream Catchers are a micro cylinder method of adding extra length or volume without the use of glues, waxes or heat. The micro cylinders used are color coordinated to a shade blending with your own hair. With a specialized method, your hair is threaded through this cylinder to the root where the extension is also inserted and clamped tight. The polyurethane tipped hair is 100% human hair and is re-usable over and over again.

Cost depends on the length and volume of your own hair and the density and length of the additions desired.

As your hair grows, the cylinders attaching the Dream Catchers extension to your hair will need to be moved back up to their original position every 4-6 weeks, or as advised by your stylist. Every 10-12 weeks from the original application, a new set of cylinders will need to be be installed. Failure to do this may result in tangling and/or loss of some of your own hair.

Brushing of your extensions is necessary to keep tangling to a minimum and should always be done from tips working upwards. Your stylist will make sure you are brushing correctly and efficiently before leaving the salon after your Dream Catcher initial application.

** While sleeping, Swimming, and working out, braiding is recommended to keep your extensions from unnecessary tangling and knotting. Rinsing chlorine and salt water from the hair and applying conditioner is extremely important as chemicals trapped inside cylinders can cause damage to your natural hair.

Removal of Dream Catchers will be done for $__ per hour and usually takes one hour. If there is excessive matting or tangling due to improper care, this process will take longer and the fees are subject to increase.

Dream Catchers come in 30 fabulous colors and 20″, 22″ & 24″ lengths.

How Much are Hair Extensions?

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